Video Droplets

These are a couple of free droplets for converting AVCHD/MTS video files into MP4 files, and then possibly compress them further. They only run on Mac OS X.

[2014-12-18, updated 2015-03-14.]

These droplets come with absolutely no warranty and with no support!

Although no warranty and support, they are fully open so you can open the scripts they contain and change them to suit your purposes. In addition, since nothing is locked, you can scrutinize their contents to verify that there is no malware.

These script applications are simple AppleScript applications that simply call the command line utility ffmpeg, which is embedded into the script apps. ffmpeg is a free tool that is exceptionally powerful, but working with video files from the command line in a terminal is tedious, to say the least, and that is why I wrote these small script apps to make simple tasks very simple to accomplish — just drag&drop, no windows or tedious configurations. For details of ffmpeg, see and

These script applications are simply packaged as zip-files. To download, just click on the link. To use them, drop files onto them and they will create new files. Or double click on them and they will ask you for a file.

Since these apps are not signed with an Apple certificate, you may see the following on first launch: "... can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer". Then, just control click on the app and choose Open, then click on Open. Next time you can use it as normal without being haunted by this warning.

The droplets

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